Memorial Scholarships

Peace Officer Dependent Scholarships

  1. Any dependent of a full-time or part-time peace officer employed by or volunteering for the state of Idaho or for a political subdivision of the state of Idaho, which peace officer is or was a resident of the state of Idaho at the time such officer was killed or disabled in the line of duty shall be eligible to apply if going in or out of state for education or votech program/classes not covered under Title 33 Chapter 43.
  2. The dependent shall be required to meet the educational qualifications as such institution of higher education or professional-technical College as established for other prospective students of this state.
  3. The scholarships shall be available for dependents of peace officers who were killed or disabled in 1975 or thereafter.

The application process

  1. The applicant is required to complete the application form.
  2. Perception of the applicant’s ability to complete the aspired educational goals

The application and all included documents will be considered confidential.

Review of the Application

The Board of Directors will review all the applications for approval. Applications will be reviewed in May of each year. The deadline for application is April 1.


The Idaho Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund Board of Directors does not discriminate in their scholarship selection, policies, programs, or services on the basis of race, ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, religion, color, or disability. It is not necessary to contact the Idaho Peace Officers’ Memorial Fund regarding the status of a scholarship application.

Recipients of the scholarships give consent for the Idaho Peace Officers’ Memorial to use their name and photograph on our website and / or other public releases.


Proof of enrollment is required for an award to be issued. It is not required at the time of the application, but will be requested upon the award being given.

Check list (to track your progress)

  1. Completed Application
  2. References

Do you have questions about the Scholarship Application/Process? Please email Stu Hobson on our contact page. Please do not call regarding the status of the application.

Download Scholarship Application